I am currently a graduate student in the English Department of the University of California Santa Barbara. The joke that I like to tell, however, is that I have done my career a bit out of order. I completed my master’s degree at the University of Chicago in 2014, and for the following two years worked as a research assistant on digital projects for the Chicago Text Lab (Hoyt Long, Richard So). During that time I lived in Berkeley, where I was also a Lecturer in the university’s newly developed Data Science program and the Coordinator for Digital Literary Study with the Digital Humanities at Berkeley Initiative.

I returned to the other side of the desk, so to speak, in 2016. At Santa Barbara, I study with and work as a research assistant for Alan Liu and the Transcriptions Center.

My research focuses on modernist poetry, examining points of instability in avant-gardism: when do avant-garde forms arrive, but more importantly how are they revised as they move across social lines of race and geographic region? Increasingly, I hope to situate the movement of cultural forms in the field of poetry within a broader frame of literary and textual production.